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Position Papers

Position papers or portfolio papers in MUN seem like a headache to first-timers. But, once we realize their need and know the hacks to make them, we are in the best position to frame them!

Introduction to position papers

Position papers are the details or paperwork a delegate has to submit before an MUN conference that brief up your portfolio’s stance on the given agenda. A good Position paper provides a general introduction to the topic, how the portfolio is related to the given topic and even suggests solutions.

Need of Position Papers

Position Papers act like pre-conference homework. They help out with the research and on the day of the conference come handy to reflect and present that research in a concise yet smart manner. They also have a great significance when it comes to making the Draft resolution, also helping to score points and win awards.

How to nail Position Papers?

We need to keep 3 things in mind (Like we do in an English answer) while working upon a position paper!

  • Introduction- Represent your general understanding of the topic and basic information about your country. You can write about the history and severity of the situation in the start to catch the reader’s attention.
  • Content- You can divide this in 2 parts- In the first part you can tell how your country is related to this topic and the need to talk about this problem. In the second part you can talk about previous actions taken by your country as well as international actions taken to curb the problem.
  • Conclusion- It’s time to conclude on a positive note! Suggest unique solutions or some solutions that are followed in your country but can be followed worldwide also.

And a Winning Position Paper is Ready! You can always find samples and ideas on FairGaze Mun site to frame your own position paper!

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