School Benefits of Participating in MUN - FairGaze MUN

If a school participates in a MUN then it will get a complete package, trainings, manuals and participation opportunity for their students. Along with all these perks comes FairGaze media coverage in both Print and Digital Media.

The competitive spirit will enable schools to get best out of their students and will let them enjoy the exposure and collaborative learning. In addition, the schools will also get tremendous popularity and build on the reputation.

MUNs are a trend today. Debatable agenda, conventional committees, awards and recognition all add up to the fun and make the event all in all productive and fruitful. But, at a time like this the thought that strikes the mind is that even if MUNs are popular today, what’s the point in a school organizing it or sending in its students as delegates? Here is a dive into all the perks-

  • Leaders Awakening!
    Students have the capacity to initiate creative solutions and unique ideas. That imagination along with some logic can be a sign for the uprising of a future leader! At MUNs, both imagination and logic are balanced when a delegate represents a portfolio and suggests ideas, considering the allies and stance. It is an opportunity for development of Leadership skills!
  • Add up to School Reputation
    MUNs are popular mainly because of the fact that they require research work and give students a platform to present their opinions. With the introduction of NEP and more programs by CBSE, schools now have to focus on both academic development and skill development of students. Active participation in MUNs can facilitate the same and add up to School’s credibility!
  • Networking & Outreach Opportunities
    MUNs don’t restrain people from being a part of them either as the delegates or the audience. This can be a great chance for students and teachers to explore various fields. Enhancement of the teaching-learning process and even connecting with people of different yet connected professions is possible through MUNs. MUNs are a great place for meet up of innovative minds and collaborations!

Throughout the Pandemic, it has become possible to conduct MUNs at a global level through online medium and thus reduce the gaps, socialize with more enthusiasts!

FairGaze MUN provides all these benefits at their best with professionalism!

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