Impact on Students

Impact on Students

The training-cum-event based program assists students acquire the new-age skills and abilities of conflict resolution, negotiation and effective research acumen via written and verbal communication skills. This is particularly relevant in today’s world where students constantly face challenges and often lack the discipline and self-belief to be able to face the adversities in life.

The FairGaze MUN program will make definitive impact on students by expanding their understanding of the world enabling them to become aware of global issues and inculcate empathetic approach to world issues. In effect, FairGaze MUN will imbibe future skills and core values in the students that will ensure their success in life.

MUNs inculcate a sense of leadership and collaborative skills amongst the youth. We at FairGaze MUN ensure that the students have the best experience and can acquire 21st century skills in our conferences by speaking up and learning throughout. We plan to make a positive impact on students by providing them with the best throughout the journey! What students gain through our MUN conferences-

Knowledge of Global issues & Problem-solving skills

With lots of things going on, it has become important for students to be well aware and have up to date knowledge of the global affairs. MUNs initiate a positive outlook and are more solution oriented, thus sparking up curiosity and giving rise to innovative solutions. We provide the best resources to get an idea of the events and professional guidance to kick-start one’s MUN journey.

Public Speaking Skills

MUNs enhance prompt speaking and active debating skills. Participating and indulging in MUNs helps in improving communication skills, socializing and also the rewards, certificates add up to one’s CV. Through our training sessions, we are able to impart the best knowledge and work upon speaking by providing timely feedbacks and samples.

Undertaking Responsibility

Students are able to take up responsibility and perform duties when they know the power they have in their hands. As Delegates representing different countries and people, the feeling of authority and being mindful of how to utilize it effectively is crucial. When stepping out from school, practical learning and simulations like this facilitate a student’s future career.

There is always a learning hidden in everything and each one of us interprets it differently. MUNs are a great opportunity to be exposed to beautiful perspectives, learnings and even get a dive into healthy politics. Thus, FairGaze tries to provide a platform to all the aspiring MUN enthusiasts to make a change!

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