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How to Win Over Model United Nations Chairing Interviewers


As a model united nations delegate, you will be faced with important chairman interview questions. You should know the types of questions asked during the interview. Prepare answers beforehand and practice them before the mirror to ensure that you speak with confidence during the interview. Prepare a list of questions and study the list carefully to get the answers ready. While practicing the questions, ensure that the questions do not look rehearsed. It would be best if you gave the answers comfortably and with adequate confidence.

However, to ace the Model United Nations chairman interview,

1. Recognise Your USP

A unique selling proposition or USP is what makes you different from others. This is important in the interview because most undersecretaries of Chairing/personnel interviews are looking for someone unique among the rest. At the end of the interview, the staff will usually go back to the one who stood out.

Your USP may lie with how you dress, talk, or communicate. Think of the way in which you can wow your interviewers.

2. Research the position you are applying for

It is important to get a piece of first-hand knowledge about the model united nation position you are applying for. There is usually a difference between a head chair and a first-time trainee. You should know which chair positions are open and how you could prepare yourself for the position you are applying for. You should frame your answers in a certain way that corresponds to the position you are aiming for.

3. Know why you are the right person for the chair

Most committee members want an experienced delegate who can manage the team well. Some advanced model united nations conferences want two strong chairs and a strong vice-chair. These committees are looking for delegates experienced in those committees. If you are vying for any of these positions, be prepared to answer why you are suited for that specific room. It would help if you had the answers ready to convey appropriately to the interviewers.

4. Know the Conference

Before entering the model United Nations chair position, you should also conduct some research about the conference. Learn where the conference is being held, some of the quality of the chairs, and the procedures they follow. Because no matter how prepared you are, if you do not have the basic information about the conference you are attending, you may look disinterested and unprepared. Before the big interview, know if there is something particular about the conference that you should know. Make sure that you know the basics and prepare your answers accordingly.

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5. Prepare Follow-Up Answers

You should have prepared the follow-up answers to the questions to ensure continuity. For example, if you say that you are interested in social work, you may be asked some questions related to it to ensure that what you are saying is true.

For instance, if you are asked what your strength is? You can tell them the points and follow them up with a story. This type of preparation will help you avoid awkwardness and minimize any uncertainty.

6. Practice before the interview

The difference between the winner and the rest is the amount of preparation one has spent. A unique position-specific response will give you a competitive edge. This does not imply that you should memorize answers, but you should be aware of certain points of reference about yourself and general lines of response to various types of questions. While preparing for the Model United Nations chair interview, you can either practice in front of the mirror or record a video of yourself to look at your expressions while giving the answers. Most of the interviews are online; therefore, there is an advantage to hiding the rest of the body language.

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