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How to be Confident in Speaking at Schools Model United Nations


Are you nervous about speaking in public at a school model for the United Nations? You will have to deliver opening remarks before a whole committee or whole bloc, and thus this would require you to speak exceptionally well to participate at the MUN.  

This may prove to be a hurdle for beginners and introverts at first because speaking in front of thousands or hundreds of people is always a daunting task. Though it might not be the most comfortable thing in the world, speaking confidently in public can be achieved through consistent practice. It isn't as difficult as it may sound, but you would have to work upon yourself to present yourself as a confident person in the school model of the United Nations.  

Here are some key tips from us on how to become more confident in public speaking:  

1. Narrowing the Target Audience

The most intimidating part of any public speaking exercise is speaking in front of a crowd. One may think that we falter somewhere or mumble our words, and the public may judge us. All the attention which comes when you are speaking can cause some anxiety in some people. An audience's eye can unnerve even the most experienced speakers, and thus feeling any nervousness before speaking is alright. 

You must maintain eye contact with someone in the audience with whom you feel a certain comfort. You can occasionally look at the whole group in general but keep that individual as a point of contact for you. Make them feel that you are directly talking to them instead of the whole audience.  

If you can't find an individual in the school model United Nations, you can take a spot or picture or the doorway as your anchor. When you place your gaze on your anchor, it diffuses the stress of talking to a large audience. This will also help you in looking confident.  

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2. Posture and Movement 

How you carry yourself on the stage is an important part of public speaking. You shouldn't shift your feet, play with your hair, fumble with pages, or look down because this will make you appear nervous to the committee. Convince yourself that you are a confident person while giving strong speeches. People are more likely to note how you speak and present yourself. Do not shift around and keep your hands centralized or collapsed together. 

Stand straight and plan out synchronized gestures or movements when you are speaking. Make sure that you gesture on important words to emphasize them. The committee will take these gestures and movements more seriously, and this will also help you feel more confident in your body language. 

3. Finding the Words 

One of the other difficult aspects of the school model of United Nations speaking is the improvised nature of the speeches. Sometimes you may be called to give an impromptu speech on any subtopic or issue you aren't always prepared for. 

You will have to speak about this topic, especially if some other delegate presses on you for debate. If your research is not as strong or you appear less confident, then this could be the point of your failure.  

Therefore, start by practicing your improvised speech to counter these issues. Borrow from other delegates' speeches or stitch together the key phrases or ideas used by the others. You can also agree or disagree with the previous speaker on that issue to divert your attention. Such a response will help you find the right words when you otherwise do not have them.  

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