MUN Competition in India

What Do Next When You Get an Agenda at a MUN Competition in India


After receiving an agenda for a MUN competition in India, participants should adopt to deliberately and sequentially approach the preparation of conference.

The four components that are required for successfully completing this task during a Model United Nations conference include research, diplomacy, public speaking and knowledge of international issues.

This blog will discuss the critical steps that must be taken after receiving an agenda to ensure a fruitful and meaningful participation in MUN Competition in India.

1.Understanding the Agenda

The first step that should be taken is a thorough understanding of what has been presented as an agenda. Decide on the most vital issues and topics that will be discussed in the conference. This understanding will become the source of your research and how you formulate your position.

2. Research and Background Information

It is essential to do a detailed study on the topics that you have been given. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues on which decisions will be made, it is necessary to collate information about historical backgrounds; present situations and potential solutions.

 In order to broaden your horizon of knowledge, you should rely on authoritative sources such as academic publications and government documents.

3. Analyse the nation and the committee

Make sure you know the stance that your assigned country will adopt in respect to issues on the agenda. Study its foreign policy, perception of history, and current opinion by using a search. In addition, you need to be well-informed about the functioning of your committee by immersing in its rules as well as recent resolutions.

4. Developing Policy views

According to the results of your study, you should develop policy views that are clear and thought through. Consider the sentiments of your assigned nation and suggest resolutions that reflect its ideals and objectives. When deliberating and bargaining, you should be prepared to stand by your position.

5. Drafting Position Papers

Many MUN competition in India demand the submission of position papers as a prerequisite for involvement. The function of these papers is to provide a concise summary of your study and state the position that your country takes concerning subjects on the agenda. Your position paper has to be properly ordered, it needs the correct references and must reflect your countries points of view.

6. Building Alliances

Diplomacy is a key component of Model United Nations. Contact the other representatives in order to talk about possible cooperations and joint interests that all of them have. Through alliances, you can enhance your bargaining power and help attain resolutions.

7. Practice in Public Speaking and Debate

In order to develop your public speaking skills, you need practice by delivering speeches and participate in mock debate. Work on building the ability to articulate your arguments in a way that is comprehensible and persuasive. The most effective way to strengthen your arguments is by considering possible rebuttals and crafting responses.

8. Get acquainted with the rules of procedure for that specific MUN conference

Be aware of filing motions, attending moderated and unmoderated caucuses as well as participating in the drafting process regarding decisions that an organisation takes. For a pleasant and smooth conference, it is very important to follow the guidelines.

9. Crisis Management Preparation

Member of the MUN competition in India involves some crisis hypothetical situations. Be prepared to adapt in unexpected settings and keep an efficient reaction for any crisis that may manifest. In order for this, one must have the capacity to think fast and creatively as well work harmoniously with other delegates.

10. Networking

For networking and mingling with other participants, you should take part in pre-conference activities and talk to fellow attendees. Building rapport with other delegates allows the sharing of ideas, gathering intelligence on positions taken by various nations and creation of new relationship

A strategy that goes beyond just understanding the topic is needed to participate in a MUN competition in India. The future delegates can go through all the hardships of a conference if they conduct studies, make up their minds, and endeavour to develop essential skills. All in all, winning in a Model United Nations competition requires an interplay of preparation skills, diplomacy and effective ways of communication.

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