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How to Write Opening Speech in Upcoming MUN Events in India


Public speaking is one of the most crucial skills for upcoming MUN events in India. Every delegate attending the MUN should know the art of delivering a confident and well-organized speech to positively impact the committee.

At MUN training sessions, there will be many opportunities where you would be giving speeches. As the assigned representative of your country, you should prepare about your country's view and opinions on any issue or policy and prepare a recommendation for the issue at hand.

Get Informed about Opening Speech

The General Assembly gives a chance to each delegation to address during the opening session of a conference. Therefore, the ambassadors of member states and the heads of non-member delegations must prepare an opening speech.

Additionally, during the first formal session of his or her respective forum or MUN training sessions, each delegate will frequently be required to deliver an opening speech.

Structure your speech

 Your speech needs to have a distinct start, middle, and end. Keep in mind that the other delegates will not have a written copy of your speech, so they must be able to understand your main points only by hearing it. Your speech ought to be lengthy. Avoid using generalizations that have no real meaning.

Catchy Introduction to hooking them

A dramatic introduction will catch people's attention but avoid trying to be humorous. Always keep in mind that you are the representative of a reputable company or organization or the ambassador of a proud nation. You must never misuse your opportunity to address the international audience by disparaging other UN members or conducting your own mission in an unworthy manner.

Your speech can have a dramatic tone for the upcoming MUN events in India, but the focus should always be on the subject matter. An informative and passionate speech will elicit reactions from the other delegates. Keep in mind that you are a diplomat and must conduct yourself with dignity when representing your nation or organization.

Talk about the issue

You must keep in mind that giving an opening speech is an important event while you prepare it. Regardless of whether you are the Ambassador, Head of Delegation, or a delegate in a specific venue, your speech must accurately represent your country or your organization. Your country's or organization's worries may be both general and specialized.

Concentrate on the subject or issues that your delegation finds most pressing. The average speaking period is only one minute. Therefore, only a few issues or facets of an issue, together with your nation's position on them, will be covered in your opening address.

Conclude with Actions

Make your point very clearly, and emphasize the acts you will support. You may have determined that there is a single, crucial issue affecting present-day international relations and that you must address the assembly on this issue. This can be a topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention, such as international security, economic development, or disarmament. Alternately, you might wish to emphasize how the issues are interconnected, such as how development affects the environment.

Practice your speech beforehand

Having your speech typed up in a large font with double-line spacing is always advisable. Mark the spots where you plan to pause rhetorically and underline any important words or phrases you want to emphasize. Although it is not required, it is important to practice your speech so many times that you are completely familiar with the topic and know how you want to give it. Some delegates might prefer to memorize their speeches. In MUN training sessions, you can practice the speech several times. Request feedback from your mentors and experts on the presentation's content and style.


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