How to Win the Best Delegate Award in MUN


There are many model delegates that want to get the best delegate award in MUN. If you are looking on how to prepare for MUN, then you should first understand the structure of MUN. Many organizers give the awards as a way to encourage participants to attend the event. 

Whether you want or do not want to win the award, it is just about challenging yourself and improving your skill. In this article; we are going to tell you some of the important Dos and Don’ts to be the best delegate you can.    

Be Self Aware

The very first principle for how to prepare for MUN is to be yourself. You don't want to try and imitate a character that you are not. Model United Nations is a place where many people come together on multiple levels, and the only way you can stand out from others is to become the best version of yourself.

Bring Value

You can't find any shortcuts when it comes to the model United Nations. Our speech which is full of empty proverbs presented confidently by a self-aware delegate, will not get you far. The important rule is that everything you say helps in moving the debate forward. When you are thinking about how to prepare for MUN, then You should consider the information with another block during the debate stage. The important thing is that you should have a speech ready, information regarding the issues, points to counter the debate and some points that help in moving the debate forward not just for yourself but for everyone.

 Ideas That Can Reach The End

When you are selecting the policy that you want to see in a resolution, ensure that the idea is you can survive the debate. You don't have to conduct research about history for the sake of knowing more. The model united nation is about taking a lot of information from your research and being able to use it predictably by understanding where the debate is going and how you can guide it there.  

You will face some ideas which are going to be too extreme or too country-specific. You should look at the issue as an obstacle that has to be countered and also approved by the majority.  

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Build Your Case to Compromise

They have no reason because they don't really have a good case and aren't acting in their country's interest, but you can teach other countries about themselves. If the delegates have a reason, they will try to reach a compromise that could make them willing to support this. You should also know how to negotiate so that you can add or amend the clause on location. You can add those ideas of other delegates as long as it doesn't contradict or water down your own opinions that you are trying to pass.


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