Inter School MUN

How to Create a Successful First Inter School MUN


The first Inter school MUN is always special. There will be thousands of students who will be interested in learning and joining the MUN sessions to know if it is worth their time or not. As a MUN training organizer, you want as many themes to join as possible. 

The first MUN meeting will require some preparation from your end. You need to prepare a compelling and interactive presentation for the meeting, which would also require follow-up work. We are giving you some successful tips on creating your first inter school MUN. 

Preparation Before the Meeting 

1. Practice the agenda 

Create a schedule to decide which member will present what elements, the time frame allotted to each presenter, and the sequence of the presenters. Having an organized schedule will make the MUN training sessions more professional and easier to absorb when people focus on listening to one person. 

2. Set up a banner 

Displaying a banner is a great way to convey your message to the audience. Hang the banner in a high position so that more and more people can view it.  

3. Check your audio and video systems 

For an interschool MUN, you would require an audio and video system to present your views. If your microphone is broken or you can't play a video, it means that you won't be able to get your message across as effectively as you have planned. 

4. Register people before the meeting starts 

Before the meeting starts, you can ask students to register themselves with you. This would help you to understand how many students are willing to participate in your MUN conference. Students show up for the meeting and greet them personally. people make prospective members feel like they have a personal connection with you.  

During the Meeting 

5. Introduce yourself 

You can start the meeting by introducing yourself and your title at the beginning of the presentation. Before you invite each member to the platform, do not forget to give your introduction and what crucial views on aspects they will be provided to the audience.  

 6. Explain what Model UN is.  

In your MUN training sessions, keep the message simple and lucid. You should be able to clearly explain what an Inter school MUN conference is and what is its objectives. Keep in mind that your audience is new and is just beginning to know the MUN events, so they might not know the MUN jargon.  

7. Tell the benefits of joining  

There are various reasons and educational benefits to joining the model United Nations conference. Explain to the students what it is and how educational in terms of both skills and knowledge they are going to gain from this MUN conference. 

8. Answer questions 

After the meeting, take some time to answer the students' questions. Listen to today's queries, answer them politely, and tell them about the eligibility and prerequisite skills and experience they should have to join the interschool MUN.  

After the Meeting 

9. Distribute the sign-up form 

After the MUN training session, you can distribute a sign-up form for a link to your Google spreadsheet application form. Thank the students for coming in and persuading them to fill out the form and return to the next meeting. Also, remind the students about the next meeting time, date and location and bring back their registration form and that you look forward to seeing them again.  

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