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15 Nov 2022
04:30 PM

About this Orientation

BHIS MUN Orientation Session 2

Looking for a fun way to learn about the Model United Nations? In this era of ever-increasing globalization being aware globally is a vital asset. Stop thinking and Get Yourself Registered!

BHIS FairGaze Model United Nations 2.0 is organized by FairGaze in association with Billabong High International School, Vadodara. It helps you to acquire that well-needed edge in a way that additionally enriches your leadership skills, research skills, public speaking along with teamwork. It is your chance to grab your golden ticket on your adventure towards success.

BHIS and FairGaze have come together to have your back to help in the journey of becoming the best delegate. Your first stepping stone on this enriching adventure begins here with BHIS FairGaze MUN 2.0 Orientation Session on 15th November 2022 at 4:30 PM.

This platform is open to all the students seeking the opportunity to learn more about MUNs and make their first step.


Ms. Gauri Wadehra

Ms. Gauri Wadehra MUN Trainer

She is an MUN enthusiast who enjoys speaking to express herself. Through her whole journey, she have always felt that voicing out one's opinion in today’s era matters a lot. MUNs are the best platform to showcase one’s true talents and meanwhile make a change. She started as a delegate, headed to manage the event by being in the organizing committee and also co- chaired many MUNs. These transitions were possible because of the confidence she gained through MUNs.

Benefits Of Orientation

Benefits Of Webinar

In this session, students will learn:
- About Model United Nations and how to role-play as UN delegates.
- How to prepare, research and draft position papers and resolutions.
- To inculcate an empathetic approach on global issues.
- To improve public speaking, negotiating, and presentation skills.
- To develop team-working, leadership, and diplomacy.

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