Basic MUN Orientation Session

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09 Jun 2023
04:30 PM

About this Orientation

Basic MUN Orientation Session

FairGaze organizes Central & West India Inter-School Model United Nations in association with United Nations Information Centre for India & Bhutan (UNIC) & It helps you acquire that well-needed edge in a way that enriches your leadership, research, public speaking, and teamwork skills. It is your chance to grab your golden ticket on your adventure toward success.

UNIC and FairGaze have come together to have your back to help in the journey of becoming the best delegate. Your first stepping stone on this enriching adventure begins with FairGaze MUN Orientation Session on 9th June 2023 at 4:30 PM.

This platform is open to all students seeking the opportunity to learn more about MUNs and take their first step.


Aarav Basu

Aarav Basu MUN Trainer

A ninth grader, passionate about poetry, MUNs, Culinary arts, and cricket. He has participated in 9 MUNs out of which won special mention in 5, High commendation in 3, and best delegate in 1. He is a consistent performer in academics and has achieved 6/6 in science in the Cambridge checkpoint examination. He has participated in various events having represented the school on many such occasions like the Nemesis Drive Bot Rally and the Kruu Project.

Benefits Of Orientation

Benefits Of Webinar

In this session, students will learn:
- About Model United Nations and how to role-play as UN delegates.
- How to prepare, research, and draft position papers and resolutions.
- To inculcate an empathetic approach to global issues.
- To improve public speaking, negotiating, and presentation skills.
- To develop team-working, leadership, and diplomacy.

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