AVK FairGaze MUN

AVK FairGaze MUN brings the unique advantage of the delegate deliberations being published in the media and creating a repository for future reference for the participants.

AVK FairGaze MUN Conferences provide a unique opportunity to engage students in a professional, friendly and collaborative environment to develop their research, communication, and leadership skills. This will, in turn, increase their experience and knowledge of broad-based world issues and concerns, and reinforce the spirit of global citizenship. Both new and experienced participants will find it a rewarding experience.

Why to Participate

  • UN-Led Nationwide MUN
  • Increase your Worldly Knowledge
  • Help in Confidence – Building
  • Improve Analytical Skills
  • Help in developing Problem - Solving Skills
  • Learn Diplomacy
  • Improve Public Speaking Skills
  • Improve Writing & Research Skills
  • Develop Leadership Skills

Rewards and Awards

Certificate of Participation to each participant by United Nations (UNIC).

Opportunity to Publish Position Papers.

Free training sessions for first timers and beginners.

Win awards: Best Delegate, High Commendation, Special Mention, and Best Position Paper.


Invitation from AVK FairGaze MUN


Secretariat - G. Chaitanya

Secretariat - Manju Priya



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Free Basic Training

Ms. Krithika, MUN Coordinator, AVK, Tamil Nadu

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AVK FairGaze MUN Winners

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