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Win Hearts in MUN Competition with Your Public Speaking


Picture this: you are standing in a committee room of MUN competition, a sea of delegates fixated on you. Your peripheral vision narrows, your voice quivers, palms get sweaty, and your thoughts scatter like leaves in the wind.

It's like an out-of-body experience, a snapshot from the deepest recesses of your worst nightmare—maybe a tad extreme, but haven't we all felt a blend of these symptoms at least once?

Fear not, for if you seek a measured dose of wisdom to elevate your public speaking prowess, your quest ends here.

Behold, ten transformative tips from the FairGaze maestros to amplify your oratory finesse:

Construct It as Art

 Transform the intimidating thought of giving a speech in front of an audience into an art form. Recognise and accept your nervousness as a friend rather than an adversary. The change that this adjustment brings about has the potential to be nothing short of revelatory.


You should take ownership of your on-stage identity by recognising and accepting the persona that shines in the eyes of the public. Recognise the ways in which your tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language change depending on the context. Having this level of self-awareness serves at MUN competition acts as a canvas for you to refine and effectively communicate your message.

Be Creative

In spite of the fact that structure is really important, you should not be afraid to let your imagination run wild when organising your speech. Take a different approach than the traditional framework. Utilise a variety of hooks and calls to action while ensuring that authenticity is the prevailing factor. Allow your words to convey who you are.

Hone Your Vision

Before you write a single word, remember to imagine how your audience will react to what you have to say. Make use of this vision as the basic structure for your presentation. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the things that it reveals.

Awareness of the Audience

 Take a look around the room, sense the energy that is present, and adjust your speech accordingly. When the mood is poor, inject some vigour into the situation, and when the disputes are intense, exude rationality and control. Being flexible is your best friend.

Knowledge is Power

It is important to have information at MUN competition since, when it comes to public speaking, knowledge equals power. Take advantage of knowledge in a strategic manner, bolstering your opinions and calls to action with facts and statistics that can be relied upon. On the other hand, try to avoid sounding like a scholar.


Body Language

Mastering the art of non-verbal communication that goes beyond words is the goal of the Non-Verbal Symphony. More information is conveyed than you may realise through facial expressions, gestures, and body language. Take a video of yourself speaking, then analyse and improve it.

Seek Feedback

It is true that practice is the best way to create confidence, but it is also true that seeking constructive criticism is a great asset. Engage in the pursuit of new viewpoints, experiment, and ensure that you are constantly improving.

Include Your Audience

Making oneself a part of something larger, saying "we" instead of "I," applying controlled repetition, integrating humour in a sensible manner, and welcoming sceptics are all examples of how true power may be found in humility.

Persuade, Influence and Convince

Speech is power, and so is the ability to convince, convert, and coerce others. Make sure you are convinced of the validity of your argument, and then act on it. Your actual energy at MUN competition will reverberate, leaving an impression that cannot be eliminated.

Mastering public speaking is essential for delegates competing in MUN competitions because it enables them to explain their ideas in a convincing manner, which in turn fosters successful communication and negotiation.

When it comes to successfully navigating complicated geopolitical settings, having the capacity to transmit positions in a convincing manner is essential for increasing diplomatic influence.

In this forum, where communication is the driving force behind resolutions, the ability to communicate effectively in public is the backbone of effective diplomacy.

By following these pointers, you will be able to navigate the world of public speaking with ease. Acknowledge them, put in the effort to improve your oratory talents, and watch as your abilities improve right in front of your eyes.

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