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Tips to Become a Leader In Model UN


Besides good research on important issues and a well-written position paper, you need many more qualities to become a leader in MUN for high school students. As a delegate, it is your job to influence the dynamic of the committee by representing yourself as the leader throughout the session. 

But sometimes, it happens that even the best delegates have a hard and challenging time understanding how to utilize their leadership skills properly. It is important to establish yourself as a leader in the MUN for high school students from the beginning of the conference to show that you can become one of the best delegates.  

In this article, we are going to provide you with 3 simple tricks to establish yourself as a leader at a MUN conference. 

1 Display Confidence 

When portraying yourself as a leader at the MUN conference, you ought to be confident in your own skills and abilities. Some things that can help you boost your self-confidence are- researching various topics, being well versed on the current issues, dressing smartly, etc. By gaining the required self-confidence, you can expertly deliver speeches and lead the delegates to pass your resolution. This will give other delegates and committee members an impression that you are an expert on the topic and an experienced delegate. 

2 Effective Communication 

If you want to become a MUN high school conference leader, you should have an open line of communication with other delegates. You should try to talk to other delegates from the same or other committees when you are either waiting for the opening ceremonies or meeting them for the first time. 

After the commencement of the conference, there are various ways through which you can talk to other delegates. You can have a one-to-one face conversation or send a note to other individual delegates. When you present your ideas to the committee, you should be personable and not too formal. If you are communicating with the committee as a whole, you must showcase your leadership with formal speeches in a moderated caucus.  

3 Pay Respect 

In a MUN high school conference, there are usually 2 types of leaders- productive leaders and power delegated. 

The main aim of the power delegate is to win. They usually do not collaborate and share their ideas with other delegates. In contrast, the productive leader shares their ideas across the committee in a respectful manner. They do not impose their ideas on others and are even willing to compromise. Productive leaders are open to suggestions from all the delegates and try to find the middle ground where everyone feels satisfied.  

A productive leader also wants to win an award, but the actions usually take the interest of the committee as a whole rather than solely for the benefit of him or herself. It is very important that you are respectful to all members because maintaining good relationships with other delegates also prompts others to respect you as well.  

You can become a leader in a MUN high school conference in the committee setting only. A delegate can also become a leader when they attend a delegation or their model UN team. a Model UN team comprises a board responsible for organizing, conducting, recruiting, and training delegates. When you show your commitment and passion to the school's modern UN club and become an active member there, a MUN delegate can also run for a position on the school board. The school board position consists of the president, secretary, head delegate, and more. 

If you want to become a leader in a model MUN high school conference, use the above tips for your benefit and gain the confidence to charm everyone.  

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