National MUN Success

The Ultimate Online Toolkit for National MUN Success


Quality research may determine a delegate’s success on National MUN even if some claim success with no preparations. Finally in-depth knowledge is very essential as this skill can include lobbying, public speaking and resolution writing.

Being able to research is a do or die skill because chairs can tell a well preparing delegate from one just winging it. Credible source diversification is crucial in quality research, avoiding bias, disinformation, and discrimination.

It’s not enough just to read Wikipedia or memorize statistics. Accuracy and factual information are the crux for every source and essentials to prevent disaster in committee discussions.

The following five reliable sources to use in preparing for your next National MUN.

UN official website

While often overlooked, the official site of UN plays a significant role in conference preparations. This platform provides a live broadcast of general assembly meetings, transcripts of statements by diplomats and global leaders, as well as the most recent UN resolutions.

The latter also gives particular details on different UN auxiliaries.

The delegate can go directly to these recorded addresses of heads of state of the members states and deliver them personally to the general assembly. Delegates utilize these presentations as a means of gaining important ideas towards further research.

FairGaze MUN

FairGaze Model UN is an exemplary online tool for students preparing for National MUN conferences. This is one of the most important features on this platform as it offers all required information to make the preps for the MUN more fun.

Students are also involved in various inter-school debates and other model UN conferences like The FairGaze Model United Nations who attract students from around the globe.

Students receive detailed information about committee agendas, a guide to the background of issues and the modern outlooks. The above-mentioned website allows for greater understanding of global happenings, foreign topographies, as well as world politics while enhancing participation in MUN models.

FairGaze MUN’s uniqueness stems from its dedication towards establishing a conducive learning environment. Instructive articles, webinars, and workshops are offered by FairGaze so that students will not only be well-equipped for MUNs but also for their daily lives. The layout of this platform ensures ease in navigating through it by any delegate; be it a newbie or an experienced person.

Additionally, Fairgaze Model United Nations becomes a vibrant network that connects the young people, the teachers and also the enthusiastic model united nation lovers across the globe. This collaborative area provides members an avenue through which they can express their opinions, engage in discussions and expand their contact networks, within the framework of the MUN community.

The Council on Foreign Relations Global Conflict Tracker

A good example of an interactive source for National MUN delegates, among others is the Council on Foreign Relations’ Global Conflict Tracker. It monitors crucial geopolitical matters with on-the-spot updates and effective alerts related to active military combat.

It presents maps which have accompanying figures, diagrams and explanatory texts that help illustrate the current disputes and how the events transpired in a territorial dimension.

The Associated Press

Delegates should consider using The Associated Press as a safeguard against biases rife with most online news sources.

This specific source is very well-known for offering news that is clear and fact based, focusing highly upon aspects pertaining to geopolitical analysis and international matters. It provides reliable and independent content, devoid of the major political inclinations as witnessed in most news media.

Google News

National MUN would not be complete without mentioning Google news which has greatly contributed towards giving delegates opportunity to search for themes, articles from a variety of perspectives that relate with their interests.

It allows delegates to better understand an issue through articles in Google News coming from conflicting views.

It should be noted, however, that just being non-partisan does not mean the articles are totally objective. It is paramount to acquaint yourself with the ideas that your competitors are set to raise when you engage in discussion.

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