High School MUN Conferences

How to Prepare for Speech at High School MUN Conferences


Although having strong communication skills is a great skill for delegates in high school mun conferences, but not many are bestowed with these extraordinary skills. These speaking abilities can be significantly more difficult to acquire and evaluate.

It is extremely important for MUN delegates to have strong communication skills when they are called upon to deliver formal speeches or give presentations on papers.

As a result of their lack of previous experience, many students when placed in these kinds of circumstances, understandably feel anxious.

Here, we are presenting you with top 10 tips to excel in giving speeches in high school mun conferences.

1.Know Who You are Talking To

  • Before delivering a speech or presenting a paper, you should first conduct an analysis of your audience. If you do not do so, you risk alienating them.
  • Analyse the audience in terms of their qualities, the information they already possess, and the things they want to acquire.
  • Be conscious of the beliefs and attitudes that other people have towards the topic as well as you.
  • Analyse the committee of the high school mun conferences, where you will be presenting your views. Find out about them and what major points could influence them in your favor.

2.Acquire a Comprehension of the Occasion

  • When planning for the comfort of the audience, it is important to take into account the event's specifics, such as the size of the space, the seating, the spatial layout, and the acoustics.
  • Observe the time constraints and check that your message is in keeping with the spirit and objective of the event.

3.Choose the Topic Carefully

  • Choose a subject that you have an interest in as your top priority.
  • It is to your advantage to have more information about the topic than the people who are listening to you.
  • Your excitement about the subject is really necessary if you want to engage your audience.
  • Do careful research of your topics. Come with interesting statistics to put your points across more favorably.

4.Define Your Goals and Objectives

  • Determine both the overarching and specific goals of the speech or presentation you are giving.
  • Determine what you want the people who are reading your work to believe or do, and then construct a primary idea or thesis statement that expresses this.

5.Collect the Content

  • Gather information from a variety of sources, such as written materials, in-person interviews and discussions, as well as your own knowledge.
  • Research is absolutely necessary in order to create material that is both instructive and interesting.
  • Do not lag on the research. You should know what you are talking about and your country’s views on those topics.

6.Choose the Material That Is the Strongest

  • When going through your stuff, select the content that is both the most compelling and the most relevant.
  • If you want your speech or presentation to be focused and have an impact, you should get rid of the content that is less compelling.

7.Make Your Content More Organised

  • Rearrange your thoughts in light of the people you will be speaking to, the event, and your goals.
  • Try not to read your paper work for word in the high school mun conferences; instead, alter the content so that it may be effectively delivered orally.

8.Put Together Your Presentation

  • Place your focus on comprehending the most important concepts and expressing them verbally.
  • The delivery of your speech should be practised with flexibility so that you can adjust to the response of your audience.
  • Attempt to speak in an extemporaneous manner so that you may captivate your audience with the element of spontaneity.

9.Prepare Any Necessary Visual Aids (if There Are Any)

  • Make use of visual aids to improve the knowledge and retention of the audience.
  • Ensure that visual aids can be seen and that they are used at the appropriate times.
  • Instead of focusing on the visual aid, you should talk to the audience.
  • Using visual aids in your rehearsals will help you prevent issues, and giving out handouts at the conclusion will help the audience stay focused.

10.Comprehensive Training

  • If you want your speech or presentation to go well in the high school mun conferences, you need to practise it over and over again.
  • Concentrate on the verbal as well as the nonverbal parts of communication, such as volume, rate, and pitch, as well as expressive language.
  • Always make sure to keep necessary eye contact with your audience in order to effectively engage them.

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